Sunday, 28 February 2010

London Fashion Weekend 2010

Just thought I'd say a quick thankyou as I'm now at 40 followers, woooop! I have to say I'm pretty pleased with that. I wonder how long it will take for me to get to 50, may even do a giveaway...

Anyway, yesterday I went to London Fashion Weekend, which is basically a shopping event for the general public after London Fashion Week. I had a great time and bought myself a large blue bag from the Rubber Cow Co. who specialise in leather free bags, which is great. I've been wanting a nice bag thats big enough and stylish enough for my laptop and this fits the bill beautifully. Talking of bags I'm currently selling a few bags on ebay. Its being a pain and not letting me upload photos for 2 of them but for now, check out the Longchamps bag I've listed and stay tuned for the other 2. One of which is a hidesign bag from Radley and the other is a black vintage handbag.

As I had a gold ticket for London Fashion Weekend I got a showbag full of goodies including a mini bottle of baileys, yumm! I enjoyed that last night in with my hot chocolate, tasted soo good. I also got to see the catwalk show which was a round up of some of the best trends for S/S10 and luckily was front row so got to take some great photos..

Ps. Ask me questions on formspring, its looking pretty empty at the moment!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Creative Genius: Alexander McQueen

A brief picture post celebrating the work of Alexander McQueen. I wrote an essay a few months ago for uni about fashion and frivolity with reference to McQueen's collections. What caught my eye was the creativity, the strong ideas and that streak of rebellion. He had something to say and wasn't afraid to say it. The result? Fantastic collections and some spectacular shows...

Pictures: Fashion at the Edge by Caroline Evans.

And his S/S10 show- Plato's Atlantis...those shoes!! Amazing. Gonna miss that kind of creativity in fashion a great deal. What is your favourite collection? x

Friday, 5 February 2010

Plastic Fantastic?

When I read the article in the March edition of UK Marie Claire on the perception of beauty in Argentina, my blood ran cold. It made me scared and sad for future generations, to be brought up in a society where bodily perfection doesn't seem to be a distant dream but near enough compulsory. Where writing a shopping list for plastic surgery is pretty much normal and 3 year olds are being treated for eating disorders. What kind of madness is that? When I was born plastic surgery was more or less unheard of on a purely cosmetic "just because I feel like it" basis, now it seems to be normality. We're pushing the boundaries of perfection, constructing robots and building the foundations for a society where looks really do mean everything.

Its funny, because magazines, television, all of that try to make out that "otherness" is acceptable. Shows are applauded for being all-embracing and pushing out representations of anything that is less than normal. What is normal anyway? Take 'How to look good naked with a difference' shown on channel 4 in the UK the past few weeks. In that they tried to encourage a high street store to feature an ad campaign with a girl in a wheelchair. Stuff like that shouldn't be groundbreaking, it should be everyday. It echoes that of a circus charade, a spectacle. Why is it taking shows like this to put it out there? This is the 21st century yet we don't seem to have moved on that much in some ways from the 19th century. The word otherness in a sense doesn't exist, because really there is no us and them.

We try to kid ourselves that we're non-judgemental but we're not really. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of it as much as anyone else. I read somewhere, that the only reason we worry what other people think of ourselves is because we know how critical we can be about other people. Maybe people seeking some form of perfection have got it right. We all want to feel good about ourselves and if that means changing every part in extreme ways, then so be it. It just seems a sad way for us all to go.

In a conversation with a friend the other day, she made a comment about not wanting to hear about somebody else's problems. And I guess that too is also true and goes hand in hand with maintaining a polished and perfected exterior. But what about whats going on inside? Its that no longer relevant? Glossy, gleaming, forever young appearances disguising chipped and destroyed interiors. A world full of perfectly messed up people. Currently we choose to escape to the glossy land of magazines where everything is wonderful and the flaws are removed, offering a world that is in reach if you have the wealth and even that is changing. Yet it seems a little too much like sticking our head in the sand.

Some of the comments in that Marie Claire article scared me. The amount of pressure to be perfect, or virtually outcast otherwise seems so wrong. Our present selves maybe in quest of perfection but where is that going to lead in the future?



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