Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New Designers Exhibition

Double post moment. Just thought I'd let you all know about the New Designers 2009 Exhibition event which is happening from the 9th July to 12th July (part 1) and also 16th July to 19th July at the Business Design Centre in London. Tickets are available on the website starting from £9.50.

So what is the exhibition all about? It is basically a showcase of best UK graduate design work at the moment in all areas from fashion and textiles to jewellery, ceramics to furniture design. As well as the exhibition, there are also two awards events. This is the event for design graduates to get their work out there and get noticed. So if you want to be the first to see some fresh talent and the next big thing, get yourself a ticket and get down there!

For more information click here for the website.

20 Things

Its muggy out today and I'm not altogether quite with it so thought I'd take up the open tag of 20 things from the lovely Laura's blog Daisy Chain Dreams and tell you about myself a bit through this post....Enjoy!

1. Colour: Its gotta be purple, although I am rather partial to electric blue as well

2. Dessert: Something with chocolate in probably...depends on my mood

3. Smell: that smell just before it rains on a summer day and fresh washing

4. Flower: Hmmm..not sure. I always think lilys looks really pretty so guess I'd go for that

5. Animal: Cats and dogs as that's what I've grown up with

6. Month: October as its a big birthday month in my family plus its right when Autumn starts to get pretty

7. Beverage: Usually water because I'm a cheap-skate student or a really good hot chocolate

8. Shoes: I love heels but can't really walk in them if I'm honest so on the search for some fabulous flats. But I will love you if you give me a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps ;-)

9. Snacks: Ummm, whatever is available really. Chocolate, fruit, those little snack bags from the heath food shop Julian Graves

10. Songs: All sorts for different reasons. Recently discovered Marina and the Diamonds. She's amazing so check her out!

11. Book: The best book I think I've probably read is The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger...brilliant!

12. Fruit: Loving blueberries at the moment, but anything really

13. Hairstyle: At the moment its kinda just above shoulder length and layered...I would love to have Blake Lively-esque hair

14. Pieces of Clothing: A dress that ended up giving away! It was gorgeous...a strapless fairytale of a dress with black net tulle skirt and sequined corset top. Amazing but I had no reason to keep it

15. Stores to Shop: Anywhere, though there is a fab shop near me called Madame Butterfly which does the most amazing dresses that are easy on the wallet

16. Season: Autumn for birthdays, Winter for Christmas and Summer cos its just great

17. Hobbies: Shopping, is that a hobby? Blogging....swimming...ermm...

18. Things to Collect: Shoes I think haha and eye makeup

19. Movies: I saw Benjamin Button recently and thought that was so good. I like all sorts of films though really..

20. Restaurant: I found a really nice vegetarian/vegan place once that did great food can't remember where it was or what it was called though

This is an open tag for you all. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Glastonbury Fashion

Just a few pictures of some of my favourite artists performing at Glastonbury....They all seem to have opted for a sort of glam rock look. Loving the crazy makeup from Lily Allen and Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes too...

Lady Gaga looking futuristic and Lily Allen rocking a purple catsuit

Florence (and the Machine) opting for a gothic floral look

Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) sporting fab makeup

You can check out more photos and videos of the festival if you weren't lucky enough, like me, to be there. Its become such a huge event in the music calender featuring a huge range of artists...amazing! Of course it wasn't just what was being worn on stage that has caught the media's eye..
.some other famous faces were doing festivals the stylish way.

I love Elizabeth Jagger's bright wellies...perfect for when the sun fails to shine! Whilst Peaches Geldof is looking a little more dressed up in a lace top and cute red beret rocking some very cool boots which are perfect for stomping around in. You can see more pictures on the Radio 1 website and also Elle UK for a Glasto Fashion round up :)

Pictures: Radio 1 website and Elle UK

I'm creating a list of links so if anyone would like to be added let me know :)

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Shopping Sunday...

Bad times for my bank balance and my guilt today. Boredom found me wandering the pages of a terrible land known as ebay. Worse still it found me seeing pictures of clothes I liked and then in some kind of daze I was bidding on such items. I won them and my wardrobe is already asking how it could possibly fit more things in. We shall see. Anyway, this is what I have bought...this lace dress and also this dress. It is payday in a few days time plus they are bargains (if they fit and I like them) else I could re-sell. I will update you on what they're like when they arrive!

Apparently the UK is in for a heatwave this week with temperatures up to 30 degrees celcius. Time to get out of the office, ditch the housework and head outdoors. Cue outdoor inspired imagery...

This dress I found on etsy is gorgeous...were it not for my spending already, I'd be tempted to get it myself!

Image from Getty Images.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Photo Inspiration

Going for a photo post today as I have a feeling that anything I write will not make that much sense. After reading Fashion Chalet's post I was reminded of the film 'Virgin Suicides' which was directed by Sofia Coppola, and based on the book of the same name by Jeffrey Eugenides. If you haven't seen it I seriously recommend it, its so beautifully shot and quite haunting. Not to mention the soundtrack by Air is fantastic. In short its a film about a group of teenage sisters whose extremely religious parents keep them protected from the rest of the neighbourhood and the boys who become infatuated with them. These are some stills from the film. The film also inspired a photo editorial by Stefania Paparelli and the last image is from that...

I'm also loving this track from Goldfrapp called Road to Somewhere from their most recent album Seventh Tree, which I think kinda goes...

Friday, 26 June 2009

Its not what you know...

Seems to be the day of short posts today but I just wanted to say....I've got onto Lookbook at long last thanks to the fabulous Market Publique! Although there are a few flaws in this fabulous news...the lackage of camera and lovely clothes to wear. I feel a bit inadequate posting up some of my outfits when some of the ones on there are amazing! But there is quite simply one answer to that problem...shopping! Of course if any designers out there want me to feature their creations...;-) I would be more than happy to oblige hehe! Anywhoooo..you can find me here.

New Layout!

I was getting bored with my previous rather bland layout so I decided to get this one instead. Kinda like the whole fifties look, its pretty cool. What do you think? I really need to sort out my own heading too but not sure how to do that. Any ideas?

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Topshop Competition...Blooming marvellous!

Everyone loves getting free stuff or winning things and the place of sartorial fabulousness, Topshop, is encouraging us to get creative and get outside! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself accessorized with flowers and then upload the picture onto their facebook page. Its open to UK, Ireland and US only unfortunately. Fingers crossed its open to the rest some other time eh? And the prize? 5 giftcards loaded with £50 for your spending pleasure on clothes like the dress on the left! For more information check here and if you enter, good luck!

Photo: From Elleuk.com

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Chase the Sun

The best thing about summer I find, apart from the looooong summer break and holidays and generally being outside, is getting a bit of a tan. I'm so pale in the winter so its nice to get a bit of colour.

Although the weather isn't always reliable so its better to fake it, not to mention its better for your skin. The lovely people at L'Oreal sent me Sublime Bronze One Day instant tan to review and you can read it here

Images from Getty Images and Daily Mail.

Monday, 22 June 2009

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

I'm a bit short on words after a crazily busy weekend at a wedding so thought I'd just share some pictures I like. Its a bit of a mixed bag featuring fashion photography from Cecil Beaton, Lee Miller, a Vanity Fair shoot featuring Emily Blunt and a dress designed by Manish Arora which was later worn by Katy Perry....

I love how fresh the first image is by Cecil Beaton, showcasing Dior's new look from the fifties and how that style is still used today...there are so many similarities between this image and the Vanity Fair image. His influence on fashion photography is huge. I absolutely adore fashion from the 1920's and fifties...both decades were so elegant. It was a time when people really dressed up.

I love how fun the Manish Arora dress is...the detail that has gone into it is amazing. I love it when fashion branches into art. Like the scuptural shoes that have featured for the past few seasons...totally unwearable in reality but absolutely brilliant all the same. I don't think fashion should be just about practicalities.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me...there is a photo, I think it was in Vogue during the second world war of a model standing in the middle of bombed London. I can't think who did it but I know its really famous. If anyone can jog my memory that would be amazing!

Hope you've all had a good weekend :)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Fashion Photography

More to remind me for next time really, but to get some of your ideas and comments before I write this post, as its late and I'm beyond shattered (and have had a few tequila sunrises!)...but what would you class as fashion photography?


Ok, now I'm more awake I'm going to attempt to answer my own question. If this post comes across as a little academic or whatever, my apologies but I think it is interesting to consider. The wonderful resource that is wikipedia defines fashion photography as "a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items...enhanced by exotic locations or storylines."

Generally our ideas of fashion photography, or maybe just mine, involve glamourous clothing...something that represents a lifestyle just beyond our reach, a fantasy or dream. Yet some photographers, for example Corinne Day have thrown this idea out and redefined that view. Her style is touching on an almost documentary look, which leads us to question whether it could be considered fashion photography at all. One example is a shoot for Vogue in 1993, involving Kate Moss in her own flat.

At the time this style caused quite a stir. The almost voyeuristic feel to these photographs...fly on the wall documentary if you like, takes a step back from the typical photoshoots that people were used. The fact that these were featured in Vogue, usually a traditional magazine that has quite a defined, classic and high end style also adds to the shock factor. I would never have thought that these images were in Vogue, and have the feel of more edgier magazines of the time such as The Face. Would you consider these images to be fashion photography? All Kate Moss is wearing is a vest and underwear, which I don't think were particularly designerish, just plain. The images are simple, everyday, maybe even to the point of mundane. So what makes them fashion photography as much as the image below?

All three images are classed as fashion photography...they show the clothes the model is wearing in one context or another. Although fashion photography was traditionally used as a sales tool, I think fashion photography has moved away from this idea and now its more about selling a lifestyle. I don't think it is just about selling either, but also to do with the meaning created within the image. Fashion isn't just about amazing clothes with a very nice price tag, its about identity and clothes do create or contribute to identity. The Corinne Day photographs tell the story about just an everyday person, and the clothes they way help convey this meaning. If fashion is about clothes then the clothes in this image are key to the meaning produced in this image, just as much as the Vanity Fair (January 07) shoot does.

I think the definition or boundaries of fashion photography are broadening with time. The street style images on lookbook.nu are fashion photography as much as a Mario Testino fashion story for Vogue is fashion photography. Whether you are wearing Primark or Prada, if there is a message being produced in that image it is fashion photography.

What do you think? Also if your into the theoretical side of fashion I highly recommend the book Fashion Spreads: Word and Image in Fashion Photography by Paul Jobling. It is such a good book..check it out on amazon!

Life in Pictures

Thought I'd just share with you a few things that I absolutely love at the moment...I'm a big fan of illustration and butterflies so the top two photos are to do with that. The second illustration image is by someone called Marguerite Sauvage who I don't actually know much about, but found this today and liked it :) The other few images represent some of my favourite designers, including (in picture order) Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin (I can just imagine wearing those sandals out at night!), Gareth Pugh and Christian Dior. All very different designers which kinda shows my varied tastes...I don't think I've quite decided my own dress sense yet, I'm a bit of a chameleon! The second from last image is from a store I came across called Calico who also have an ebay store which sells vintagey type clothing. The last image from polyvore, is all about the whole slightly whimsical, pretty vintage style that I love. Kinda looking at life through rose tinted glasses but in a good way...it just looks so lovely don't you think? Which brings me onto something I'd forgotten...Dujour Magazine. I'm not gonna say anymore on that, just check it out here and you'll soon see what I mean. Its just gorgeous!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Shoes: Part 2 and I Need You!

Guess what the postman delivered today?! Got my shoes and oh my, dilemma! Dorothy Perkins have done good :) They are both so nice...really surprised actually cos you can honestly never really tell. Both pairs of shoes fit quite well too which is unusual for me as I'm between sizes. The wedges are a little bit too big but nothing awful, plus they look sooo nice! May be a different story after spending an entire day in them though haha! The gold sandals are great too, again sooo pretty and just the right side of dressy but casual. I can see me wearing those a lot on nights out when I can't be doing with heels, mainly the ones that involve a great deal of alcohol!

Also I have a request. As I mentioned in my last post I have contributed articles, well just one at the moment, to Fashion Capital. I'm already thinking about the next one and I need your help! If you are a fashion photographer or aspiring one and want to get something in print, or at least published on their website, get in touch with me. I really want to be able to submit some images to go with the article I'm intending to write, so if you can help me out that would be fab! If you are interested, email at: glitteringheels@hotmail.com and put "Article Photography" in the subject heading and I will let you know more details about the article and what I'm looking for. Spread the word too :)

Anyway I shall leave you with some pics of my new purchases.....

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Success and Shopping

Thought I'd just share an article I've had printed on Fashion Capital A small step to bigger things I'm hoping :)

Anyway, I've been thinking about shoes for this wedding outfit and then this morning, a tempting little offer from Dorothy Perkins popped into my inbox, 20% off! I'd had my eye on a few pairs after looking the other day and I think considering I've be
en pretty well restrained I deserved a bit of shopping. So I ended up ordering these...

I figure that by having 2 options I can see which fits and looks best and then return the other pair ;-) If in doubt shop a little bit more...or is that just how I think?! I've got next day delivery so tomorrow I may well update you and show you my new purchases!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Just a quick one to say thankyou to anyone who is now following me or has commented, it means a lot. I know this isn't the most exciting or interesting blog out there....there are some truly amazing ones around! So even just to know that some people are reading this means a lot. Bear with me, I'm looking into getting a camera, so hopefully it will be a lot more picture filled soon! I'm also in the process of packing up my room at uni, so been busy busy!

Also thanks for the thoughts on the potential dresses for the wedding...I may well go for the lace one, I was just worried about turning up like I was the one that should be walking that aisle. Weather permitting I may do a bit of shopping/bargain hunting tomorrow to find some accessories so I'll keep you updated.

Thought I'd leave you with some images of designs by the amazing designer Paul Poiret
, who revolutionised fashion design in the early 1900's. I had to write an essay on him for my course and his work was pretty fashion forward. He was responsible for freeing women of the corset and changing the silhouette at the turn of the century from the full bust and skirt to the more straight up down look that Gabrielle Chanel built her designs on in the 1920's. He was basically the bridge from 1900's to 1920's. He was also partly responsible for those harem pants that are so popular lately as he was inspired by orientalism and the ballet russes. If you've not heard of him before, then seriously, check him out!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Weddings, who'd have em?

I've got a wedding coming up, not my own, but that I've been invited to. So today, with my wonderful student funds (or lack of) I went shopping to see if I could find anything. And yeah, I found loads...the whole floral trend has produced a great set of wedding worthy dresses. There's a wonderful boutique in my town, which has so many gorgeous dresses and I was so tempted. However guilt got the better of me and I ended up buying nothing as I figured I can't justify buying something when I don't have the money and I have something I could wear already. I may pop back in a few days though....haha!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you a few of the outfits I've been considering. Excuse the shoc
king picture quality, they were taken on my lousy phone as I've still got no camera...

I absolutely love this dress, its made from lace with an underdress underneath. Sooo pretty but I thought perhaps a little too wedding dress like? Thoughts please?

This is the dress close up so you can see the detailing...Its just sooo gorgeous. If I do decide to wear it, I need some shoes to go with it, again ideas? Cos I'm not too sure. The reception is partly based outside so I'm thinking heels might not be a good idea.

This is the dress I'm thinking is a pretty likely candidate. It fits me well and I think it might suit the wedding a bit better...It'd be so good if british weather was reliable. It could be anything on the day from pouring down with rain to blisteringly hot...so need to be able to cover all potentials. Plus its an all day/evening event so need it to be able to dress it up later as well. Why are wedding outfits so complicated? I'm going up a few days before so I'm thinking I might just take a few options with me and decide nearer the time and when I know what the weather is going to be like. *stress*

Friday, 5 June 2009

Rob Ryan

If you read Elle or Vogue, which I'm figuring is pretty likely then its also likely that you've come across art work by the artist, writer and film maker Rob Ryan and his papercuts. I absolutely adore his work, which comes in the shape of almost fairytale, child like illustrations in the style of cut out pictures. What makes them even more appealing are the word
s that often accompany them, tapping into human emotion...feelings of love, loneliness and life in general. Some of his work is so intricate in detail, its quite amazing.

The above image is from his book 'This is For You' which explores the idea of love and finding that soulmate. If you haven't read it, I seriously recommend you get yourself a copy.

Rob Ryan, is a Royal College of Art graduate who started with prints but has lately had work comissioned by Tatty Devine, Paul Smith and Fortnum and Mason. Plus magazines such as Vogue as I mentioned.

Here are more examples of his work.. On the left is a dress he designed for Vogue with designer Gary Page.

For more information, visit his website, blog and shop at Etsy



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