Thursday, 23 December 2010

And so this is Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas and thank you for reading this blog, if anyone does indeed read this anymore! I've come back to the parents for a little bit over the holiday. It is the first time I've been back for any length of time since Easter so I'm finding it all a bit odd. I definately don't see this place as home anymore. Though its odd because uni is a sort of temporary home. I'm in my final year at uni and beginning to think about where I'm going to be after it ends. There is so much uncertainty as to what I'm going to be doing and where I'll be doing it. The past few days I've been applying for graduate schemes so hopefully I'll have some success with one of those. But its odd to be at a point where literally anything could happen. I guess it is exciting but incredibly scary at the same time. So much is hanging in the balance. There has been so much change the past few years, that I just need something to stay the same, some security if you like. Instead there is so much I could lose because of how so much is changing so quickly. I guess we'll have to see...

Anyway, like a lot of places we were hit by snow this week. Hopefully you weren't too badly affected travelwise and have made it to wherever you planned to be over the holiday. Anyway I'll leave you with this winter wonderland. Happy Christmas! 



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