Friday, 30 October 2009

Giles Deacon Free Scarf Mania!

So who's been in on this competition that has been running with Cadbury Caramel and Giles Deacon, various fashion bloggers and online stores like ASOS? Through clues on the facebook fan page, people in their 1000's have been clamouring to get their hands on a free Giles Deacon scarf in pop up shops that open and close as they please!

Unfortunately it was only open to those in the UK but that didn't stop people trying! I think this promtion has created excitement and irritation in equal measure. So many comments on the facebook page from people to have been so close when the store closed or have had computer glitches. I was lucky enough to spot a link to a shop and get there really quick, so I was one of the lucky ones. Can't wait for it to arrive in the post and I shall keep you posted! Has anyone else been lucky enough to win one?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A little favour...

I'm wondering if you lovely people can help me out? One of my modules at uni requires a bit of research on people's magazine reading habits, so I've set up a questionnaire here and it would be a huge help if you could fill it in for me. Its only 10 questions so shouldn't take long to fill in but it would be a huge help. Thankyou :)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Fashionably Late and Balancing Acts

I know, I know...I swan in declaring that I shall return to regular blogger status and then disappear into the ether once again, returning once again promising that it shall change.

Life as a second year journalism student is harder than I thought. The pressure is really on this year to do well as the marks actually count and this is the year that could put us on that long desired route of top journalist. I'm not sure how the real world manages really and I have serious respect for every journalist out there from staff writer, freelancer to the fashion editor. One of my assignments this term is to come up with, pitch and write a 2000 word feature. Simple right? Well yeah, if you have the idea to begin with. This is where I seem to be struggling...ideas, yeah I have no end of them but not all are suited to this particular length of feature. So I have been racking my brains constantly, scouring the newspapers from the wonderful Guardian to the not so wonderful Daily Mail (did anyone see that awful story by Jan Moir on Stephen Gately's death?!) to inspire me. I think I have an idea so I guess watch this space...Hopefully I'll be able to build up my portfolio of printed work in the next year!

I have also found an absolutely amazing fashion book, by Caroline Evans called Fashion on the Edge. Its our set text for this year for one of the modules we study and yes it is academic but its so interesting, although a little morbid in places I thought. The book considers the dark side of contemporary fashion with its themes of death, alienation, destruction and what this tells us about society. It can be a little heavy in places but its highly readable, and definately recommend it, whether or not you are studying fashion. Its also got some amazing photos from the collections of Alexander McQueen, Viktor and Rolf and John Galliano amongst others.

Viktor & Rolf (S/S 1997)

Alexander McQueen (A/W 1995 "Highland Rape")

The book includes a lot on both the above collections, Alexander McQueen's collection is particularly interesting and there is some good analysis on it. Definately worth a read!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

London Fashion Weekend

I know its been a terribly long time since I've has been a little hectic lately. I've been working, and moving back to uni and just generally being a bad blogger. But hopefully I'll be back to my regular posting from now on! Last week I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion Weekend, which is the event open to the public after London Fashion Week. Its basically a shopping event with reduced items from various designers but there is also a catwalk show which was really exciting. It featured a range of outfits from designers such as Alexander McQueen, Lipsy, Richard Nicoll and Issa. There was also some outfits from the AW09 collection from Manish Arora which was really exciting! The Jaeger London AW09 collection also featured with some 70's inspired office wear. I have now got a camera (yaaaaaaaaaay!) however, I've been having huge issues trying to upload some more photos on here thanks to a very lousy uni internet connections so you can see the rest here

The next London Fashion Weekend event is in February just after LFW so have already made a vow to go. Its a really good event but we were a little short on time that day as we left later than planned and didn't have much time to wander around, so need to make sure we go earlier. We were also hoping to go shopping at Seven Dials which is a short walk away but got totally lost and walked in the wrong direction! As I bought a gold ticket I also got a goodie bag which was worth it in itself, there were goodies from the sponsors such as Toni & Guy, coffee from Lavazza, a Luxe London guide and Fantasy by Britney Spears perfume. Some of the other girls I went with got Elizabeth Arden make up which is also pretty good! Gold ticket is the way to go, although with the platinum ticket you got access to the Chambord VIP lounge and all sorts of other extra goodies...soo very tempting! Maybe next time....



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