Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Fear of the Unknown

Well it has been a long time since I posted on here. Life has just some how vanished the past few months thanks to a summer job and the craziness that is third year. I'd like to say that I've lost my life to the library but that isn't really true. I'm not a great student. Compared to first year when it was all fresh and new, third year motivation is pretty much non-existent. In all honesty I'm quite bored. 

I've also been taken over by the fear that is life after uni. For most its fairly simple- go to uni, graduate, return home and find a job near there whilst withdrawing money from the bank of mum and dad. However for me it isn't quite so simple. For home is a rural place with not many jobs. So right now I'm figuring out my options which basically come to staying where I am now somehow. All this fear is incredibly exhausting and the temptation to stay in bed, pull the duvet over my head and leave the world to it is pretty tempting. Especially now that sub zero temperatures are predicted towards the end of this week. 

Since when did we turn into the arctic anyway?! Anyone who follows me on twitter (@glitteringheels if you don't know!) may have seen my tweets about shopping for warm jumpers and such like. As a student ebay became my best friend and I found a lovely Oasis jumper dress and topshop wrap cardigan to add to my winter collection. Both have so far proved successful in my staying warm mission :) Then again so have mulled wine and baileys hot chocolate! A must for a cold winters night I think. 

Hope you are all managing to keep warm and safe as the nights draw in and bear with me while I tackle this third year. Hoping to get one of my assignments- a photoshoot- out the way shortly so watch this space! Bought a camera about a month ago and this will be the first proper fashion shoot I've done with it so I'm fairly nervous. Any advice/support much appreciated ;-)



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