Friday, 28 August 2009


After being told about the website Cocosa, I had to find out for myself what it was all about. However its invite only so I had to wait for that invite to drop into my email inbox. Its worth the wait though. If you are after fabulous designer clothes at exclusive prices then you need to get on that invite list! Featuring special sales from various designers including, currently, Peter Jensen and American Retro. There are also soon to be sales from Giles Deacon and Liberty of London which I cannot wait for!

If you are interested in an invite then let me know via comments or DM on twitter...and I'll select 2 at random! Good luck :)

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Premiere of The September Issue

Hands up if your excited?! The documentary that has got everyone talking premiered last night and the glitterati were out in force to watch it. Are we jealous?! Of course not. Facebook was streaming the red carpet arrival, but here in the UK I think it was in the wee small hours. Here are some pictures of some of the attendees...

Apparently the devil really does wear Prada! Anna Wintour with the cover star of the issue in question - Sienna Miller

Oscar de la Renta with Carolina Herrera

Jessica White - I absolutely love this dress, its a really hard colour to wear yellow, but she carries it off beautifully

Jason Wu with Karlie Kloss - Love the well clashed skirt and top

Georgina Chapman - I love simplicity and no fuss, and this looks great

Chanel Iman looking stunning in a simple white dress

Bee Shaffer, again love the dress. Purple is one of my favourite colours and it looks amazing here

Quirky fashion queen Alexa Chung looking great in this vintage looking dress, the shoes are pretty cool as well!

I'd have thought that with the documentary people would be selling of the issue on ebay to see what they could get for it but surprisingly there wasn't really anything on either the US or UK ebay. Maybe more people will once the documentary has aired. I'm curious to see what was in the issue, apparently it was the largest (in terms of pages) magazine in the world ever. If anyone has the issue available let me know!


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Summer dreams are made of these...

I can be so week I'm wanting it to be Autumn soon and the next I'm lamenting the end of summer. To be completely honest I would happily have both in one go! This summer does seem to have passed by in a bit of a blur, its been never ending, having finished uni early June and not really having had much uni before then has made the summer seem longer but now we're fast heading for September. Exam results season is upon us (good luck to anyone getting A Level results tomorrow and GCSEs next week, good luck too to anyone else expecting exam results shortly). August ends in a few weeks and the September magazine issues are now out, filled with the new season collections. I don't know about you but I have a very very long wish list of boots (regular readers will probably realise I am quite obsessed, can't wait to go shopping for some new ones), cosy knits and pretty much anything else that catches my eye. My wardrobe is in such a bad state right now, it needs some serious reinvention- kind of difficult on a student budget but I shall attempt it!!

For today though, I've been going through my magazines for hazy summer inspired fashion photography. Perhaps I expect too much from my summers, but I want adventure and excitement. Instead I've spent the last few weeks working and there has been little excitement. Maybe next summer will be "the" summer...for now my dreams will be held in images such as these.

The top two images are from an editorial in Elle UK June 2008, the next three are from 125 Magazine (SS09) and the last two are from Plastique Magazine (SS09).

This text came with the images from 125 and I think it goes perfectly...

"The Last Rays of Sun - Our world is kind; our environment is a luxury we all have access to. Luxury is not excess, but the tiny moments that can go unnoticed which are accessible to anyone. Subtle sensory experiences, like lying in woodland on the moist mossy ground under a dancing canopy cover....feeling the last rays of the sun on your face as you float in and out of dreamtime and let yourself be transported somewhere else, just for a moment of Luxury".

This particular shoot by photographer Venetia Dearden, was absolutely beautiful and definately captures the idea of a fading summer day. I would seriously recommend getting this magazine! May summer days live forever ♥

Monday, 17 August 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

Last week I finally, finally got to see the film that has got the fashion world talking. I almost thought I wasn't going to be able to see it until it went to DVD but thankfully I did and it was well worth waiting for. I thought it was fantastic, and quite interesting to be able to discover Gabrielle Chanel's life beyond being a fashion designer. I've seen documentaries on Chanel before but its always interesting to discover different perspectives. I just love how innovative and ahead of her time she was in her tastes and ideas. I think thats what wearable fashion and clothing is about, just going on your own instinct and tastes, logic says if it appeals to you then chances are it will appeal to other people too. Audrey Tatou was such a great choice to play Chanel and I couldn't really imagine anyone else playing her. So glad I was able to see the film. If you could see a film about a fashion designer then who would it be?

After I returned home from being away for a while I was greeted with a pile of my magazine subscriptions. The Uk edition of Elle (September) is currently running a competition you the chance to write for the magazine. To enter submit a 900 word piece on What Style Means to Me to by 20 September 2009. You also need to include your name, contact details, age and current occupation. For full T&C check the magazine. Good luck to anyone who enters, and maybe you'll see your piece in the magazine should you win!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Shoes, Sales and Sodding Work!

Apologies for my absence over the past few weeks or so. Spending hours at a time makes you really despise staring at a screen any longer than you have to so I couldn't really bear to update. But as of today I am free from data entry. Hooooooray! Even getting paid an extra day but given it off, result eh? This has kinda been me lately...

Yeah, not been much fun but this means that I can maybe go shopping and enjoy the sales that have been taunting me for the past few weeks...They are everywhere and its not really much fun to look but not buy. Whats the point?!

Anyway, I'm signed up the Outnet newsletter just for a little more sartorial teasing and they often have spontaneous sales, including "Going, going, gone". In a few hours these slices of gorgeousness, Christian Louboutin Rosazzisimo sandals will be available.

The idea is that the price drops over time and you get to lock the price you want...kind of lowest bidder wins or rather how long will you wait to snap them up, in the hope that no one gets there before you or you buy them too early. Head over to the website, register and keep your fingers crossed you land them!

Anyway, the weather is gorgeous here in the UK at the moment. It is technically my weekend now and I am dreaming of being somewhere like this...

Oh yes, I am so badly craving to jump on a plane and get a holiday. I haven't been away and the summer has been so fraught with money worries and job hunting that I feel like I haven't been able to properly destress and chill out for a while. So yeah, I'd love to be there now. Anyone wanna offer me a ticket away?! Haha!

Hope your all ok and apologies for not being around lately. I have so much to catch up with...a week away is a long time in blogville isn't it?

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Watch this Space

Apologies for lack of entries the last few days. I've not been feeling well. I'm currently away from home on my own so finding it all really difficult. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Puss in (Designer) Boots!

I've posted a few times lately about my quest for new boots. Well this quest has just bumped up in priority. As is typical of the UK, we don't really get summer, we get rain. I'm currently living away from home whilst on a summer job and rather stupidly left packing to the last minute and whilst I was hungover. This resulted in a not so clever choice of footwear. My boots are well and truly broken...bad quality wooden heels that are worn and unmendable and my flats are soggy and falling apart! So this leaves me with heels that don't fit brilliantly, sandals which aren't ideal in torrential rain and then my work shoes. Doing well so far...Also thanks to a pay mix up, it will be another month before any money enters my well and truly overdraft account. Some way or another I am gonna have to get something to see me through this bad weather until I am home and reunited with the rest of my shoes. It may be some time before I get those boots that I really, really want. I'm hoping the birthday fairy will grant that wish come October.

I have a thing for riding style boots and they have to be flat. I can't do heels during the day when I'm walking around either at uni or day-to-day things. I have some black heeled boots from Dorothy Perkins and I just can't wear them all day! Definately a flats girl by day, but heels by night. I've seen some more affordable versions of these about so will have to check out the quality. After my disaster with the New Look ones, I'm gonna be ultra wary. New Look have some boots on their website which look great, I love the Brogue Boots. Topshop were a little disappointing so far, I'm hoping that they'll have some more available soon. Faith also a little on the low side for boots, after my gorgeous boots from there last time, I'm hoping I'll find another pair of great boots. If you see any boots that you'll think I'll like, give me the heads up cos I'd love to know about it!

Anyway, I've been doing some online window shopping/dreaming on that amazing website we all know and love...Net-a-Porter! Here are my picks, if I were a rich girl (nah-nah-nah-na-nah!)

From the top: Belstaff Trailmaster boots (£400), Jil Sander Leather Riding Boots (£565), Brian Atwood Suede Thigh High Boots (£1020) and Chloe Buckle Embellished Leather Boots (£765). These are just a few of the ones I liked.

Also, does anyone know about the site cocosa? Someone I know was asking me about it and as I don't know anything, I was wondering if any of you do. Get in touch!

Hope your having a good weekend and it isn't as washed out as has been here today :)

PS. Had a right nightmare with these pictures and trying to get the layout right. Does anyone know how to make it easier?...had pictures refusing to line up or go where I wanted them so apologies for this lousy post in terms of layout but it was the only way it was gonna work...



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