Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Summer dreams are made of these...

I can be so week I'm wanting it to be Autumn soon and the next I'm lamenting the end of summer. To be completely honest I would happily have both in one go! This summer does seem to have passed by in a bit of a blur, its been never ending, having finished uni early June and not really having had much uni before then has made the summer seem longer but now we're fast heading for September. Exam results season is upon us (good luck to anyone getting A Level results tomorrow and GCSEs next week, good luck too to anyone else expecting exam results shortly). August ends in a few weeks and the September magazine issues are now out, filled with the new season collections. I don't know about you but I have a very very long wish list of boots (regular readers will probably realise I am quite obsessed, can't wait to go shopping for some new ones), cosy knits and pretty much anything else that catches my eye. My wardrobe is in such a bad state right now, it needs some serious reinvention- kind of difficult on a student budget but I shall attempt it!!

For today though, I've been going through my magazines for hazy summer inspired fashion photography. Perhaps I expect too much from my summers, but I want adventure and excitement. Instead I've spent the last few weeks working and there has been little excitement. Maybe next summer will be "the" summer...for now my dreams will be held in images such as these.

The top two images are from an editorial in Elle UK June 2008, the next three are from 125 Magazine (SS09) and the last two are from Plastique Magazine (SS09).

This text came with the images from 125 and I think it goes perfectly...

"The Last Rays of Sun - Our world is kind; our environment is a luxury we all have access to. Luxury is not excess, but the tiny moments that can go unnoticed which are accessible to anyone. Subtle sensory experiences, like lying in woodland on the moist mossy ground under a dancing canopy cover....feeling the last rays of the sun on your face as you float in and out of dreamtime and let yourself be transported somewhere else, just for a moment of Luxury".

This particular shoot by photographer Venetia Dearden, was absolutely beautiful and definately captures the idea of a fading summer day. I would seriously recommend getting this magazine! May summer days live forever ♥


  1. amazing photos! the first with the yellow daisies is simply perfect :) spring is probably my favourite season :D!! thank you so much for visiting <3

  2. these are lovely! if only summer could last forever . . .




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