Monday, 17 August 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

Last week I finally, finally got to see the film that has got the fashion world talking. I almost thought I wasn't going to be able to see it until it went to DVD but thankfully I did and it was well worth waiting for. I thought it was fantastic, and quite interesting to be able to discover Gabrielle Chanel's life beyond being a fashion designer. I've seen documentaries on Chanel before but its always interesting to discover different perspectives. I just love how innovative and ahead of her time she was in her tastes and ideas. I think thats what wearable fashion and clothing is about, just going on your own instinct and tastes, logic says if it appeals to you then chances are it will appeal to other people too. Audrey Tatou was such a great choice to play Chanel and I couldn't really imagine anyone else playing her. So glad I was able to see the film. If you could see a film about a fashion designer then who would it be?

After I returned home from being away for a while I was greeted with a pile of my magazine subscriptions. The Uk edition of Elle (September) is currently running a competition you the chance to write for the magazine. To enter submit a 900 word piece on What Style Means to Me to by 20 September 2009. You also need to include your name, contact details, age and current occupation. For full T&C check the magazine. Good luck to anyone who enters, and maybe you'll see your piece in the magazine should you win!


  1. Arrghh i want to see this so much, but its not on anywhere near me, i can't wait for the dvd x

  2. I wanted to go to see that but here in Milan, everything is dubbed in Italian so I decided to wait until the dvd comes out, even though is not the same thing as at the theater.. I love Audrey and Coco, must be a gorgeous film! Great pics dear!

  3. audrey tatou is so flawless <3 and i would probably like to see a movie on John Gallinao :)

  4. oh i want so bad to see this movie! :) i've heard such gorgeous things about it. well as it's been said above, i think i'd mostly like to see a movie about John Galliano :) ♥

  5. there's a chanel movie and i didn't know about it?? i'm looking this up.

  6. I am dying to see this movie! Cant wait to get my hands on a copy.





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