Thursday, 26 May 2011

Welcome to the Future

It's a bit of a running joke now. I appear, every couple of months, apologise for lack of posts and then repeat a few months later. I have now finished my course and am in that fun in between bit of not really student, not really graduate looking for a job. When I say fun, yes I do mean that kind of fun(!). 

It's funny, you get so caught up the degree and assignments etc you don't really consider what will happen after. I am now realising that I should have been thinking about what was going to happen after I graduate, when I was a mere fresher. Start em young is so true when it comes to getting that elusive graduate job. 

So far I've had one assessment centre interview which was very much like The Apprentice and I don't think I'd have been at all surprised if Lord Alan Sugar came in at some point to declare I was fired. With a few more interviews lined up, I have my fingers crossed. I can only hope. 

If that fails I could always start my own baking business, or maybe just bake for fun. Today I was looking up ways to use left over Dorset Cereals muesli, seeing as I don't drink milk and it seems a shame to waste good quality cereal. So if anyone has any ideas let me know. A bit of time baking will keep me busy and occupied. I really need some interesting ways to fill this weird bit of my life. Not quite one thing, not quite another. 


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

That "Graduation" word

Ohhh dear, got a bit of a stuck record warning for you! I've posted about my worries for the future in previous blog entries and so they continue. Though I have been applying for some graduation scheme jobs for PR and advertising companies so hopefully something will come of that. In the meantime I shall have to wait! Oh and go house hunting as I'm being turfed out of my current place by July, eep!

I have got a cheeky request though- part of the Saatchi and Saatchi application process involves creating a twitter page and then we get scored on things like number of followers, mentions and retweets so please check out @NoMoreIdols. 

I decided on the name as the new Chase & Status album of the same name was out the day I created it and I'm already obsessed, even though it was only a day ago. Also on my current obsession list is the new album 21 by Adele, I love that kind of voice- soulful and gutsy, definitely recommend both. 

What else is happening in my life...oh yeahh! If you follow my other twitter @glitteringheels then you may have seen my panic about my 3rd year final photojournalism project which is hitting more holes in the road than I ever imagined and I'm feeling ever so shaky about getting it done in time. Its kind of ended up that I'm doing it on hair salons that are a little bit different, including a great vintage place. Despite the grief that its giving me, I do love to see the creative work from other people and the talent is amazing. Hopefully as the project progresses I'll be able to give you a sneaky peek of the photos and maybe an article extract...Watch this space! 

PS. Don't forget- @NoMoreIdols :)



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