Thursday, 13 August 2009

Shoes, Sales and Sodding Work!

Apologies for my absence over the past few weeks or so. Spending hours at a time makes you really despise staring at a screen any longer than you have to so I couldn't really bear to update. But as of today I am free from data entry. Hooooooray! Even getting paid an extra day but given it off, result eh? This has kinda been me lately...

Yeah, not been much fun but this means that I can maybe go shopping and enjoy the sales that have been taunting me for the past few weeks...They are everywhere and its not really much fun to look but not buy. Whats the point?!

Anyway, I'm signed up the Outnet newsletter just for a little more sartorial teasing and they often have spontaneous sales, including "Going, going, gone". In a few hours these slices of gorgeousness, Christian Louboutin Rosazzisimo sandals will be available.

The idea is that the price drops over time and you get to lock the price you want...kind of lowest bidder wins or rather how long will you wait to snap them up, in the hope that no one gets there before you or you buy them too early. Head over to the website, register and keep your fingers crossed you land them!

Anyway, the weather is gorgeous here in the UK at the moment. It is technically my weekend now and I am dreaming of being somewhere like this...

Oh yes, I am so badly craving to jump on a plane and get a holiday. I haven't been away and the summer has been so fraught with money worries and job hunting that I feel like I haven't been able to properly destress and chill out for a while. So yeah, I'd love to be there now. Anyone wanna offer me a ticket away?! Haha!

Hope your all ok and apologies for not being around lately. I have so much to catch up with...a week away is a long time in blogville isn't it?


  1. we want a holiday too!! and you're right, spending hours in front of a computer screen is so tiring :(! hope you're going to get a well deserved break soon <3!!

  2. hello's,
    I often strain my eyes on the computer, straining them reading a zillion fashionzines, blogs etc.
    I lurvvvve the last pic escapism lol!

    prettyneOns X

  3. thankyou for your comment ♥

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