Saturday, 1 August 2009

Puss in (Designer) Boots!

I've posted a few times lately about my quest for new boots. Well this quest has just bumped up in priority. As is typical of the UK, we don't really get summer, we get rain. I'm currently living away from home whilst on a summer job and rather stupidly left packing to the last minute and whilst I was hungover. This resulted in a not so clever choice of footwear. My boots are well and truly broken...bad quality wooden heels that are worn and unmendable and my flats are soggy and falling apart! So this leaves me with heels that don't fit brilliantly, sandals which aren't ideal in torrential rain and then my work shoes. Doing well so far...Also thanks to a pay mix up, it will be another month before any money enters my well and truly overdraft account. Some way or another I am gonna have to get something to see me through this bad weather until I am home and reunited with the rest of my shoes. It may be some time before I get those boots that I really, really want. I'm hoping the birthday fairy will grant that wish come October.

I have a thing for riding style boots and they have to be flat. I can't do heels during the day when I'm walking around either at uni or day-to-day things. I have some black heeled boots from Dorothy Perkins and I just can't wear them all day! Definately a flats girl by day, but heels by night. I've seen some more affordable versions of these about so will have to check out the quality. After my disaster with the New Look ones, I'm gonna be ultra wary. New Look have some boots on their website which look great, I love the Brogue Boots. Topshop were a little disappointing so far, I'm hoping that they'll have some more available soon. Faith also a little on the low side for boots, after my gorgeous boots from there last time, I'm hoping I'll find another pair of great boots. If you see any boots that you'll think I'll like, give me the heads up cos I'd love to know about it!

Anyway, I've been doing some online window shopping/dreaming on that amazing website we all know and love...Net-a-Porter! Here are my picks, if I were a rich girl (nah-nah-nah-na-nah!)

From the top: Belstaff Trailmaster boots (£400), Jil Sander Leather Riding Boots (£565), Brian Atwood Suede Thigh High Boots (£1020) and Chloe Buckle Embellished Leather Boots (£765). These are just a few of the ones I liked.

Also, does anyone know about the site cocosa? Someone I know was asking me about it and as I don't know anything, I was wondering if any of you do. Get in touch!

Hope your having a good weekend and it isn't as washed out as has been here today :)

PS. Had a right nightmare with these pictures and trying to get the layout right. Does anyone know how to make it easier?...had pictures refusing to line up or go where I wanted them so apologies for this lousy post in terms of layout but it was the only way it was gonna work...


  1. טוב תודה לך נושא יותר נפלא

  2. I can't wait for the fall so I can wear that third pair of boots :)

  3. I love boots and although I enjoy the summer and wearing sandals I also can't wait to buy and use boots again. Those second ones would be my favorite ones!

  4. i just bought my key from a little antiques and vintage shop ♥

  5. Im seriously wanting some biker boots like NOW! is that wrong lol. And this summer is just wrong! where is it? xoxox

  6. The Brogues are seriously sweet, I might have missed those.

    I had a layout issue as well as I think I have the narrow frame as do you. There is a way to adjust the html margins but that would probably be on the blog FAQ. Other than that I've heard of some people opening their page in Word and changing it up that way.

  7. Oh I'm in love with those Chloe boots!!

  8. sorry about your bad luck with your shoes! hope you find a great pair of [inexpensive] boots!!

  9. I like the Chloe boots. I can't wait for fall too! : ) it is still like 90 degree plus in so cal now.

  10. I love these style boots I don't suit them though *sob. They look odd on me lol.

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneOnS x

  11. I LOVE wearing great boots for the Fall season!

  12. My fave are the first one... :-)





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