Thursday, 20 August 2009

Premiere of The September Issue

Hands up if your excited?! The documentary that has got everyone talking premiered last night and the glitterati were out in force to watch it. Are we jealous?! Of course not. Facebook was streaming the red carpet arrival, but here in the UK I think it was in the wee small hours. Here are some pictures of some of the attendees...

Apparently the devil really does wear Prada! Anna Wintour with the cover star of the issue in question - Sienna Miller

Oscar de la Renta with Carolina Herrera

Jessica White - I absolutely love this dress, its a really hard colour to wear yellow, but she carries it off beautifully

Jason Wu with Karlie Kloss - Love the well clashed skirt and top

Georgina Chapman - I love simplicity and no fuss, and this looks great

Chanel Iman looking stunning in a simple white dress

Bee Shaffer, again love the dress. Purple is one of my favourite colours and it looks amazing here

Quirky fashion queen Alexa Chung looking great in this vintage looking dress, the shoes are pretty cool as well!

I'd have thought that with the documentary people would be selling of the issue on ebay to see what they could get for it but surprisingly there wasn't really anything on either the US or UK ebay. Maybe more people will once the documentary has aired. I'm curious to see what was in the issue, apparently it was the largest (in terms of pages) magazine in the world ever. If anyone has the issue available let me know!



  1. oohh yes that documentary, I've heard lots about it, I like that clutch alexa has...though I'm not a fan of her on T4 I thought she was so boring...can't knock the girls accessories though-adorable (:

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons X

  2. Sienna Miller is so cute!
    I cannot wait to see the documentary and get my hands on a copy of the magazine. :)


  3. I can't wait! I'm so excited!

  4. alexa chung looks amazing in that dress, can't wait to see this doco too!

  5. I can't wait to watch that movie!!!

  6. As a documentary filmmaker it surprises me that I haven't heard of it - quoi?

  7. Hi, my vote will definately go to Georgina, she look stunning, and as you say, no frills and extras, but very elegant.

  8. great blog!

  9. I love Chanel's look! Thanks for posting this, have a lovely day!

  10. Sienna Miller looks Fabulous!!! I love her style. She doesn't care and I think that actually works for her. :)




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