Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Looking ahead to Autumn...

Maybe its the fact that the rain doesn't seem to have to stopped falling since that heatwave at the beginning of the month, and that right this second the skies are grey and the patter of rain can be heard on my window. Maybe its the fact that soon it will be August and the arrival of the "September" issues of our favourite fashion magazines will be hitting the shelves packed with the new season must have. Maybe its the fact that I just like Autumn and Winter for my family and friend's birthdays, of which there are plenty and of course that magical time of year- Christmas. Whatever it is, right now my mind has turned away from beaches and sunshine and summer clothes and is thinking of blazing fires sat with a hot chocolate, walks in the woods where the trees are ablaze with shades of copper, bronze and fiery reds and wearing cosy knitwear and comfy boots for stomping through puddles and kicking leaves strewn across my path. Each season has its good points, and I think this season wins over. Not that I'd turn my nose at a few weeks on a white sandy beach in the blazing sun or balmy evenings sat with a glass or two of wine over dinner!

Are you a summer person or a winter person? Which is your favourite season and why?

On a side note- I wish I could show you some of my favourite winter editorials, but thats not happening for a while. Does anyone know any good picture resources? I'm finding it very frustrating having ideas and not being able to show them visually...


  1. Toasty fireplaces are my favorite part ;)

    x, thanks!!

  2. I love autumn and winter, just everything about it appeals to me.

  3. i love fall, it's definately my favorite season. the weather is perfect, and i adore the colors.
    but... i do love sitting by the fire in the winter reading a book with a mug of hot chocolate!

  4. that second photo is s romantic!! (uploads alot of photoshoots)

    and hope that nice holiday dream of your's comes true!!

  5. Autumn is my favourite season. You don't freeze as much to death as winter, but you can still wear loads of layers and the colours are gorgeous! :)


  6. i like winter best i don't really know why i just love how everywhere looks when it's frosty <3

  7. I love winter fashion, but hate the cold so much

  8. I think the russet streets sound lovely. We don't use our fire so direct me to a roaring beautiful one :)
    Flickr is OK for sources, I tend to use my own photographs and appreciate that a lot of time is needed to accumulate enough for a blog. Deviantart are also quite good on originals but you have to search through.
    Speaking of comfy boots, bought yet?

  9. I'm with DaisyChain-- love the drama of fall/winter clothing, but hate hate HATE the cold!

    Summer is beautiful, but the fashion is not as interesting.

  10. i love that oversize fur hat!

  11. I'm such a winter person. Being from India, that doesn't work very well for me :P
    Winter clothes, even are so much more meticulous. Tres chic.

  12. haha me too, already in a craving mood for sweaters and boots, but trying to enjoy the last bit of Summer before it all goes, too. :)





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