Thursday, 2 July 2009

Did someone say shopping?

So the highstreet favourite, Topshop, is having a sale which is great...well if I had money it would be great. I had a look on their website and then later visited the shop with a friend. Didn't dare look though, because as it usually goes, was pretty certain I'd spot something I'd want. Anyway these are a few of my picks from the website.

Fairtrade pintuck dress - was £32 now £15 which I reckon is a bit of a bargain. And being fairtrade means its a bit more ethical so bonus!

Premium square bead tunic - was £45 now £20. Great little ethnic style top for dressing up on nights out and dressing down in the day

Python-snake High Sandal - was £95 now £55. Aren't these fierce?! I adore them, though the fact they are python kinda puts me off. Love the heel on them though.

What sale bargains have you been spotting lately? The summer sale season is looming with ASOS also having a sale at the moment. Its almost too much to bear hehe!

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  1. Ooh, I love these pieces! They're fabulous! Especially the Python heels!

  2. I went in yesterday - oh how I wish I had some more money! The sale is to die for!

  3. I went on the site just by chance, and saw the sale was on! Unfortunately its about a week too soon for me, I'm broke too. I'm really happy to see they sell fair trade products, these things are very important!

  4. That tunic is lovely. I'm broke too but managed a visit to the shop to get some sandals today x

  5. You're always so sweet :)

    Those orange shoes need to make an entrance in my dreams tonight! ;)


  6. I'm going to the topshop sale today..cannot wait! Can't believe the orange pyton sandals have been reduced to £55 ahhhh im so excited!

    lily xxx

  7. you have great images here. love!

  8. those shoes are amazing. and thank you for the lovely b-day wish.

  9. If I had money it would be great... yep, we're all feeling that way lately! Good picks.

  10. i adore the blue dress, so lovely!




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