Sunday, 19 July 2009

Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation

I don't think I've mentioned cosmetics in my blog before, but I have found something so fab I wanted to share. Eversince Maybelline did away with my shade of foundation in their Wonderfinish range, I've been on the hunt for another decent foundation. What I liked about the Wonder Finish foundation was that it was light, gave good coverage and matched my skin tone perfectly, so that was the standard for my replacement. One thing I've found with a lot of foundations is that they tend to be cakey and with my not so brilliant skin I want something thats not thick. I ended up getting a maxfactor one which was ok but I probably wouldn't get it again. The tone was a touch orangey and it was quite thick and sticky.

Anyhoo, I was looking for a new foundation and discovered this Pure Liquid one and to be completely honest I just took a chance and didn't test it beforehand. I knew the shade would be good so I just went for it. Thankfully the chance paid off. It comes in a pump bottle which is a little bit different and it only pumps out a small amount but you really don't need much. Its so light, it barely feels like you're wearing makeup and gives you a nice healthy glow. The only thing is that it has got a bit of a shiny finish to it but that can be solved with some loose powder if you want a more matte look. Overall though, its a fantastic foundation and I think I have found my new favourite. Would recommend this completely. Its not too pricey either, got it in Boots for about £7 which is definately worth it.

I just wanted to take some time to thank you all. I've now got 20 followers, which is a drop in the ocean compared to some blogs I know. But I'm well chuffed :) Hopefully in time I'll be able to bring you some bigger and more interesting posts. I need to be reunited with my scanner so I can share some editorials from my favourite magazines and some of my own artwork. Anyway, thankyou ever so much for reading :)

I also have a bit of a request...If anyone would like to design me a new website header, I would be forever grateful. Just drop me a message on here or email me on


  1. I have the powder version of this foundation and the concealer and I love it.
    Congrats on the followers!

  2. I'll have to try that foundation. It's always difficult for me to find the right shade since I'm so fair. Very annoying.

    And I love the blog. I always find your posts to be interesting! And I'm sure you'll have even more followers soon enough!

  3. Foundation is a pain i know to find...glad you found one ya like. I personally LOVE Mac. Every tried it? Great blog btw.

  4. First off dear, your header is fab and memorable. If it ain't broke?

    I wear maybelline too, but not the mineral one. I agree about the shine but it does come on so lightly. Their loose powder got to messy for me, if you can recommend a compact one, please do.

    I like Michael McIntyre too! His quirky high voice is funny. Can you believe that I had a video clip on my post of Mitchell and Webb's "Bad Vicar" and someone got offended? I had to take it down... I know! :)

  5. i try to avoid foundation. i am using chanel now and it seems to work wonderful.

  6. nice review, i shall definitely keep this in mind once i start going near foundation :)and congrats on the new followers, and looking forward to seeing your artwork!!


  7. I always get nervous to use foundation, but maybe I will give this a shot if I can get it at the drugstore...

  8. I love this foundation, though I can only wear it when I have a tan as the palest shade makes me orange!

  9. You should run a contest for someone to design a blog header for you. Liking the blog, check mine out if you get a min :)




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