Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My Picks For The Week

Thought I'd point you in the direction of some of my favourite posts of late...

Dress Design & Decor


Pigtails & Blushing Cheeks

Design Scene

Aspiring Couture

Picked because they are funny, yummy (you'll know which one I mean!) or just because I love the pics, they are all fab! I also thought I'd share with you one of my new favourite etsy sellers, well two actually...I bought a set of postcards from alicebgardens and they are stunning. If you like all things slightly vintage pretty then this is the seller for you! Here are some of her photos...

The second seller is Tabitha Emma for her gorgeous quirky, slightly child like cute mix of purses, tea cosys and prints all decorated with images of drinking tea, owls and other similar woodland animals. There are some amazing things in this shop and I can see myself buying a few gifts. Here a few of the goodies she stocks in her shop :)

Hope your all having a good week and not getting too soaked...I wish summer would return! I've got a limited footwear at the moment as I'm away from home and its mostly entirely unsuitable. Gonna have to get something super cheap I think as the purse strings are bit tight right now. Any suggestions?


  1. Aw, thanks so much for the mention! :)

  2. my gosh those postcards, they're an inspiration BOMB!! so beautiful! that backpack in last photo is great, love it :D

    THANK YOU so much for picking our blog too!! this definitely encourages me to come up with something better :)


  3. I want that little purse with the tea cup on it so adorable xx

  4. I love the little purse with the teacup! And the birdcage print!

  5. You have amazing Etsy taste - I'm obsessed with that site! :)

  6. nice blog.
    great pics!


  7. I think the carousel is fun whimsy, I adore soft focus retro cards, I like how the fashion is harking back to a gentler time, I wonder why?

    I'm a ballet pump girl so am not the best to advise re. rain protective footwear. For cheap you could try this ruched riding style boot from new look - http://www.newlook.co.uk/1724567/172456701/ProductDetails.aspx# in soft grey or black, if you slip a skirt over it and cover the top edge.

  8. ohhhh...sooo cute pics ...love them!!!i like the third one!!!!
    nice xxx




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