Saturday, 4 July 2009

Perry Curties

Todays photography post comes courtesy of Perry Curties. After attending art college, to pursue his interest in abstract painting he became interested in photography. He worked with high profile photographers, after graduating, in both London and New York. His fantastic ability to use lighting and subtle post production combined with strong narrative themes has led to him being highly regarded. He launched my favourite magazine 125 in 2001 which showcases the work of emerging and established contemporary artists. He has also worked on a number of film posters including Kidulthood as well as other clients such as BBC, Hardy Amies and Italian Vanity Fair.

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Image Credit: 125 magazine on


  1. The very first picture is my absolute favorite. It reminds me ever so much of a Princess waiting for a handsome Prince to come and sweep her off to a beautiful palace! :)

  2. you're right the lighting is incerdible!

  3. These photos are amazing! And the lighting is quite lovely. The first one is definitely my favorite.

  4. These are stunning. Love the play with movement in that second to last shot and the surreal effects. Thanks for sharing!

  5. WOW these pics are just stunning! i luv the third pic :)

  6. Hey hey, I only blocked myself from leaving comments so annoying!
    Oh well I'm back ( is that good or bad? LOL)

    I love this pics my fave is the third one down, the shapes are amazing.
    Bye for now(:
    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneOns Xx

  7. very cool pictures!!

  8. I love that light fixture! It reminds me of the one in the rooftop terrace at the Gramercy Park, only prettier. Great post, with gorgeous images!

  9. good work
    see my blog too
    and follow if you want ;)
    keep up

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