Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Fashionably Exhausted

How rubbish am I...3 days of full time working and I'm exhausted. I can barely think let alone type and right now the thought of cooking dinner is far too much effort. So apologies for a potential lapse in posts over the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll bring you something interesting, it may just not be too often. I'm having a serious case of inspiration block. Normal service should resume shortly....

Picture of a collage I did, taken on my phone so awful quality but this post needed brightening up...Bear with me :)


  1. aww, hope you feel full of energy soon! and that collage looks really lovely <3

  2. Aww I hope you feel inspired soon!!

  3. such a cool collage!!!so beautiful!!!!
    hope you found your inspiration!!!
    kisses xxx

  4. That Alice in Wonderland post alone is enough to last me for weeks :) Thank you for being so creative, that collage brings back memories - I was never any good at them and was wonder-struck at others' results.

    Have a lovely few days to yourself, Peace, x




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