Wednesday, 8 July 2009

It's Vintage Dahling!

Wow! Two days is a long time gone in the blogging world. I've spent literally hours just catching up on posts from various blogs and even now I'm not quite done.

I wrote about a week and a half ago that I'd bought some vintage clothes on ebay and was beginning to get worried as they hadn't turned up. Anyway, my exhausted self (one mess night out and no sleep later...) was woken by the doorbell going. My purchases had arrived :) I would love to be able to post some photos of them but...its that pesky no camera situation again. I just tried to take it on my phone but the quality is awful. I may be wearing one of my dresses in a few days so I can show you then if I get some photos done :) Both are lovely though..One dress is actually more like a tunic, its bum skimmingly short so would have to wear with leggings or thick tights etc. I adore it though, its made of white lace with dragonfly detailing in the middle down the front. I tried to find out some information about the label, "Miuse" but couldn't. The other dress is much longer, below my knees and has a gorgeous summery floral print and ties around the back. Again I love it and am so glad I took a risk and bought them. Both dresses seem to be a great condition too which is fab!

The non camera situation may be soon to change, after cursing lack of jobs and money I've bagged myself a job for 4 weeks. So very happy about that and tomorrow I have an interview for a job in term time which seems to be my perfect job (it involves social networking!) so fingers crossed. Maybe one day I will have a camera and then I can work on trying to get photoshop too!

For now I'll leave you with some random pictures that I like. Also thanks for all the comments lately, I was quite surprised to log on to my email and see so many comments had been left!

Photo credits: Can't quite remember where these are from but not my own :)


  1. I can't wait to see photos of the dresses, they sound fab! x

  2. Ooooh! Good luck to you tooo :) and your dresses sound exciting! Ive never shopped ebay - too scared! I know old fashioned!! but really is it safe with that paypal stuff? My friend once got me a bracelet off there :) x

  3. this is so beautiful!
    i love the first picture♥

  4. All those pics are gorgeous, specially the second one is so fragile and beautiful!

  5. Get that camera of yours fixed asap i'm dying to see your vintage finds from ebay they sound gorgeous!

  6. can't wait to see your buys.... : )




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