Monday, 27 July 2009

Emerging Designers: Trine Wackerhausen

As you may have gathered, I'm a big fan of new designers. I think that there is a point where you are at your most creative and thats usually before you have to create designs that are commercially viable because lets face it, you've gotta make money if you want to continue working. Anyway, my magazine habit lead me to discover the magazine Indie-The Independent Style Magazine which had an article on the Danish fashion designer Trine Wackerhausen and her label Wackerhaus. Her designs are just my thing, minimal but still with that hint of femininity. Incidentally, femininity and masculinity and its contrasts is something that Trine wants to concentrate more on in her collections, having been intrigued by both strength and masculinity. Within her designs, there is definately evidence of strong silhouettes with defined shoulders adding an edge to an otherwise simple outfit or flashes of shimmer on simple dresses. With 2 shows already at Copenhagen Fashion Week, I think we can expect to see more of Trine and I'm looking forward to it.

For more information on Trine Wackerhausen click here and here


  1. i am with you. it is great to buy established name already but i like finding new interesting designers. they sometime offer more unique styles.

  2. Agreed. Rising designers always seem to have something fresh and new to deliver to consumers! :)

  3. i agree completely, and her style is wonderful.

  4. I'm looking for more pictures now :-)

  5. Hello's,
    Oh wow this is such a great post!
    The photo is dreamy I love the colours!(:

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneOns X

    PS..thank you hun for your kind comment I'm feeling much better now.

  6. I would be def interested to see more, this pic and the dress are beautiful!

  7. I love the hazy photograph; the dress looks really pretty and romantic, one to watch for sure

  8. Her designs sound wonderful..I can't really tell from this photo but I will definitely check her website out x

  9. great photography. :)
    like sarah edwina rose said "the dress does look pretty and romantic"

    sarah please don't get mad at me for stealing your words. but they were so true. :D




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