Thursday, 11 June 2009

Success and Shopping

Thought I'd just share an article I've had printed on Fashion Capital A small step to bigger things I'm hoping :)

Anyway, I've been thinking about shoes for this wedding outfit and then this morning, a tempting little offer from Dorothy Perkins popped into my inbox, 20% off! I'd had my eye on a few pairs after looking the other day and I think considering I've be
en pretty well restrained I deserved a bit of shopping. So I ended up ordering these...

I figure that by having 2 options I can see which fits and looks best and then return the other pair ;-) If in doubt shop a little bit more...or is that just how I think?! I've got next day delivery so tomorrow I may well update you and show you my new purchases!


  1. congrats on the article!
    I must confess I adore my harem pants!

    I adore the first pair of shoes.

  2. Hi, Butterfly I have linked you now, please return the favor. My advice on the shoes, keep both, just now you you only later realize you wanted both pairs.
    Thanks Butterfly, and have a great day!
    Pa, please also feel free to copy my badge!

  3. I love the first pair but juz a pity on the heel. I wish it was a little higher... I think it goes wel with both the dresses that you hv picked! but guess you have to try both to see which really goes.. after all, photos can be deceiving... do a camera soon!




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