Friday, 26 June 2009

Its not what you know...

Seems to be the day of short posts today but I just wanted to say....I've got onto Lookbook at long last thanks to the fabulous Market Publique! Although there are a few flaws in this fabulous news...the lackage of camera and lovely clothes to wear. I feel a bit inadequate posting up some of my outfits when some of the ones on there are amazing! But there is quite simply one answer to that! Of course if any designers out there want me to feature their creations...;-) I would be more than happy to oblige hehe! can find me here.


  1. I know I have been on which is kind of the same and most of them have really great outfits and inspires me

  2. Glad that you joined lookbook. i will visit your page later on ;)


  3. I have never visited Lookbook before. I guess now is the time! :)




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