Saturday, 27 June 2009

Photo Inspiration

Going for a photo post today as I have a feeling that anything I write will not make that much sense. After reading Fashion Chalet's post I was reminded of the film 'Virgin Suicides' which was directed by Sofia Coppola, and based on the book of the same name by Jeffrey Eugenides. If you haven't seen it I seriously recommend it, its so beautifully shot and quite haunting. Not to mention the soundtrack by Air is fantastic. In short its a film about a group of teenage sisters whose extremely religious parents keep them protected from the rest of the neighbourhood and the boys who become infatuated with them. These are some stills from the film. The film also inspired a photo editorial by Stefania Paparelli and the last image is from that...

I'm also loving this track from Goldfrapp called Road to Somewhere from their most recent album Seventh Tree, which I think kinda goes...


  1. I've never seen VS what's it about? :)


  2. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the summary :)


  3. sounds cool :) love the pictures <3

  4. Hey wow I love this blog make over! Snazzy stuff hun (:

    These pics are just so pretty, as for the goldfrapp tune, oh its one of my faves!
    Happy Sunday =)
    prettyneons X

  5. I love this post! i just read the virgin suicides book - it was great, a little creepy too. my friends and i actually did a photoshoot for my blog that was inspired by (among other things) the book (haven't seen the movie yet).

    lovely blog!

  6. I love the Virgin Suicides, both film and book. I also love Sofia Coppola. She makes everything so pretty.




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