Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Chase the Sun

The best thing about summer I find, apart from the looooong summer break and holidays and generally being outside, is getting a bit of a tan. I'm so pale in the winter so its nice to get a bit of colour.

Although the weather isn't always reliable so its better to fake it, not to mention its better for your skin. The lovely people at L'Oreal sent me Sublime Bronze One Day instant tan to review and you can read it here

Images from Getty Images and Daily Mail.


  1. Yeah I'm like a ghost: too pale! Some people think its pretty, I just think it looks as if I lack a pulse LOL!
    You know what I've never tried fake tan, because the smell of some puts me off!
    Might give this a bash though?

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons X
    PS...Fab review my dear ;)

  2. I wish fake tan worked for me, I really do...I'm too pale though, I go orange no matter what the bottle says!

  3. I love this bronzer it works great. I used to be bad at using the tanning beds (bad) and now the freckles have emerged because. So thankfully I get some nice color from the bottle.


  4. A Fake tan is a safe tan! I'll try this one!




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