Friday, 12 June 2009

Shoes: Part 2 and I Need You!

Guess what the postman delivered today?! Got my shoes and oh my, dilemma! Dorothy Perkins have done good :) They are both so nice...really surprised actually cos you can honestly never really tell. Both pairs of shoes fit quite well too which is unusual for me as I'm between sizes. The wedges are a little bit too big but nothing awful, plus they look sooo nice! May be a different story after spending an entire day in them though haha! The gold sandals are great too, again sooo pretty and just the right side of dressy but casual. I can see me wearing those a lot on nights out when I can't be doing with heels, mainly the ones that involve a great deal of alcohol!

Also I have a request. As I mentioned in my last post I have contributed articles, well just one at the moment, to Fashion Capital. I'm already thinking about the next one and I need your help! If you are a fashion photographer or aspiring one and want to get something in print, or at least published on their website, get in touch with me. I really want to be able to submit some images to go with the article I'm intending to write, so if you can help me out that would be fab! If you are interested, email at: and put "Article Photography" in the subject heading and I will let you know more details about the article and what I'm looking for. Spread the word too :)

Anyway I shall leave you with some pics of my new purchases.....


  1. The silver ones are really pretty! I like those.


  2. I am so in love with the top pair!

  3. The silver ones are really great! pity you only posted a pic of you wearing them and not of the other pair. hope you do.
    Thanks for following my site, really appreciate it

  4. the second lovely..niceee!!!

  5. wow snazzy summer shoes I like. X

    Oh I just read your comment over on my little blog, so so sorry if I've put doubt in your mind. I just get a little too passionate sometimes.
    Best of luck with your uni stuff--- I was doing that this time last year and it sucks having to study when the sun is out!

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneOns X =)

  6. Love the gold sandals, will be so comfy on nights out x

  7. Ooh i like, especially loving the top ones!! x

  8. The top pair!! So stunning.

    fashion on edge

  9. I luvvvv both of your purchases!





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