Tuesday, 30 June 2009

20 Things

Its muggy out today and I'm not altogether quite with it so thought I'd take up the open tag of 20 things from the lovely Laura's blog Daisy Chain Dreams and tell you about myself a bit through this post....Enjoy!

1. Colour: Its gotta be purple, although I am rather partial to electric blue as well

2. Dessert: Something with chocolate in probably...depends on my mood

3. Smell: that smell just before it rains on a summer day and fresh washing

4. Flower: Hmmm..not sure. I always think lilys looks really pretty so guess I'd go for that

5. Animal: Cats and dogs as that's what I've grown up with

6. Month: October as its a big birthday month in my family plus its right when Autumn starts to get pretty

7. Beverage: Usually water because I'm a cheap-skate student or a really good hot chocolate

8. Shoes: I love heels but can't really walk in them if I'm honest so on the search for some fabulous flats. But I will love you if you give me a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps ;-)

9. Snacks: Ummm, whatever is available really. Chocolate, fruit, those little snack bags from the heath food shop Julian Graves

10. Songs: All sorts for different reasons. Recently discovered Marina and the Diamonds. She's amazing so check her out!

11. Book: The best book I think I've probably read is The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger...brilliant!

12. Fruit: Loving blueberries at the moment, but anything really

13. Hairstyle: At the moment its kinda just above shoulder length and layered...I would love to have Blake Lively-esque hair

14. Pieces of Clothing: A dress that ended up giving away! It was gorgeous...a strapless fairytale of a dress with black net tulle skirt and sequined corset top. Amazing but I had no reason to keep it

15. Stores to Shop: Anywhere, though there is a fab shop near me called Madame Butterfly which does the most amazing dresses that are easy on the wallet

16. Season: Autumn for birthdays, Winter for Christmas and Summer cos its just great

17. Hobbies: Shopping, is that a hobby? Blogging....swimming...ermm...

18. Things to Collect: Shoes I think haha and eye makeup

19. Movies: I saw Benjamin Button recently and thought that was so good. I like all sorts of films though really..

20. Restaurant: I found a really nice vegetarian/vegan place once that did great food can't remember where it was or what it was called though

This is an open tag for you all. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hello! Thanks for following my blog - this is very cutee! might do one myself!
    Double high fives to nos. 7,8 and 18 hehe SNAP!
    Love reading your blog! x

  2. My fav colour is purple too! I very much enjoyed your Q&A.
    Thank you so much for all the messages, such a shame I accidentally deleted your message on yesterdays post. I dunno what happened there, I am so sorry.
    I also noticed you have change your layout and it looks really cute and neat. Well done.
    See you soon.

  3. Shoes would be my #1 collector's item, too :-)

  4. I actually just started to fall for purple, I never liked it much, not sure why, but especially being an artists and loving all colors I have noticed a pull towards it lately.





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