Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Weddings, who'd have em?

I've got a wedding coming up, not my own, but that I've been invited to. So today, with my wonderful student funds (or lack of) I went shopping to see if I could find anything. And yeah, I found loads...the whole floral trend has produced a great set of wedding worthy dresses. There's a wonderful boutique in my town, which has so many gorgeous dresses and I was so tempted. However guilt got the better of me and I ended up buying nothing as I figured I can't justify buying something when I don't have the money and I have something I could wear already. I may pop back in a few days though....haha!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you a few of the outfits I've been considering. Excuse the shoc
king picture quality, they were taken on my lousy phone as I've still got no camera...

I absolutely love this dress, its made from lace with an underdress underneath. Sooo pretty but I thought perhaps a little too wedding dress like? Thoughts please?

This is the dress close up so you can see the detailing...Its just sooo gorgeous. If I do decide to wear it, I need some shoes to go with it, again ideas? Cos I'm not too sure. The reception is partly based outside so I'm thinking heels might not be a good idea.

This is the dress I'm thinking is a pretty likely candidate. It fits me well and I think it might suit the wedding a bit better...It'd be so good if british weather was reliable. It could be anything on the day from pouring down with rain to blisteringly hot...so need to be able to cover all potentials. Plus its an all day/evening event so need it to be able to dress it up later as well. Why are wedding outfits so complicated? I'm going up a few days before so I'm thinking I might just take a few options with me and decide nearer the time and when I know what the weather is going to be like. *stress*


  1. I'd go with the first dress, with dark accessories- killer black heels and jet jewellery? Will take the weddingness away. I'm a sucker for lace ;)

  2. See the problem is the reception is being held mostly outside, so heels would mean sinking into the grass...but could go for some wedges perhaps..tis different to something I'd usually wear though which I like...

  3. the first one is so simple and so chic!!!love it!!!:D





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