Tuesday, 1 February 2011

That "Graduation" word

Ohhh dear, got a bit of a stuck record warning for you! I've posted about my worries for the future in previous blog entries and so they continue. Though I have been applying for some graduation scheme jobs for PR and advertising companies so hopefully something will come of that. In the meantime I shall have to wait! Oh and go house hunting as I'm being turfed out of my current place by July, eep!

I have got a cheeky request though- part of the Saatchi and Saatchi application process involves creating a twitter page and then we get scored on things like number of followers, mentions and retweets so please check out @NoMoreIdols. 

I decided on the name as the new Chase & Status album of the same name was out the day I created it and I'm already obsessed, even though it was only a day ago. Also on my current obsession list is the new album 21 by Adele, I love that kind of voice- soulful and gutsy, definitely recommend both. 

What else is happening in my life...oh yeahh! If you follow my other twitter @glitteringheels then you may have seen my panic about my 3rd year final photojournalism project which is hitting more holes in the road than I ever imagined and I'm feeling ever so shaky about getting it done in time. Its kind of ended up that I'm doing it on hair salons that are a little bit different, including a great vintage place. Despite the grief that its giving me, I do love to see the creative work from other people and the talent is amazing. Hopefully as the project progresses I'll be able to give you a sneaky peek of the photos and maybe an article extract...Watch this space! 

PS. Don't forget- @NoMoreIdols :)


  1. Wow, when I was interested in working in advertising, I use to want to work for saatchi & saatchi! It's weird/interesting to know they have that as part of their application process...

    x x Michelle




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