Monday, 23 March 2009

The Beginning

Every story has a beginning and this is mine. I've been studying fashion journalism since September 08 and shock horror, don't have a blog. That is, until now. So this is going to be my place for my comments on the fashion world, what I'm up to at uni and anything else that I happen to find vaguely interesting that I want to share with you, the reader. I do hope there are going to be readers of this blog...after all they are there to be read and to have a blog that no one reads is quite sad.

Anyway, about me...well I'm 21 and a student with a student budget unfortunately. Its making shopping for clothes incredibly difficult and aside from various fancy dress items, I haven't actually bought anything new since before Christmas. I didn't even hit the January sales this year which was just awful. I am resigned to window shopping and lusting after clothes I can't afford until I get a job to fund my habit once again. This credit crunch business is not making things any easier and is leaving me wondering how its going to be once I graduate. Anyway, thats a few years away...right now I just need to worry about the next time I'm going to be able to buy a new dress. One of my friends was rather clever and got all creative to make a new skirt from an old one by chopping off the end to make it shorter and then using scissors to distress it. Thing is I'm not sure if I have anything to renew...and even if I did I'm better off staying away. Writing about fashion is one thing but creating it is totally different! Might have to pull out the favours and 'mend and make do' instead....

I'll give the credit crunch this, for fashion it definately makes people more creative. Lets face it, most people can't stand not getting the odd new item now and then, so now its forcing them to get the sewing kit out and personalize. No longer do we have a street of sheep but complete individuality. Its rather exciting! As for high fashion, well looks like its gotten all sober and has finally acknoweledged what the rest of us have known for a good few months now. Even Vogue has brought back an old feature, 'More Dash than Cash' showing readers how they can recreate high fashion looks for cheaper. The April edition also included an article on money saving tips, in its own inimitable style of course...these tips aren't the sort you'd get in an Asda magazine! Still nice to see high fashion not putting its head in the sand...I guess it shows the credit crunch really affects everyone.


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