Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Baaaad blogging

Wow, now I know what happens when I don't watch the disappears! Blame uni deadlines and exams, and not having a computer...its amazing how much of a difference computers make in our lives isn't it? Take it away, and its like someone has just taken your entire life away. But I am back with more free time than you can possibly imagine and raring to get this thing out there. I really need to make it look more pretty for starters, pictures and such. This brings me to the main annoyance in my life, no camera. Its horrible. Blame a rather drunken 21st birthday and lack of fundage. My own fault on both counts! Hopefully I'll be back to being able to take pictures soon once I have the money.

I'm not gonna post anymore for now, but watch this space...this is me and my summer entertainment (and I'm hoping yours too!)

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