Saturday, 7 November 2009

Fabulous False Lashes

Halloween, last week, found me on the search for some great false eyelashes as part of my look as a cat. I kinda ended up not really dressed as anything in the end but ah well! Anyway, I found some in claire's accessories which if you're not familiar with it, is like a teenage girls girly shop with jewellery, fancy dress stuff and various other girly bits. Not the ideal place really but it was late on Saturday and it felt like the entire population of the city was in town. I've always avoided false eyelashes until now, thinking they'd be too much hassle or that they'd annoy me but I am now totally converted! And on the hunt for more, both natural and dramatic party ones - so any recommendations please let me know.

Anyway, I went for a dramatic black smokey eyed look and this was the final result...
The lighting is pretty poor but you kinda get the idea. I loved the lashes, although after a few hours one of them got a bit loose at the edge so took them off. Today has been a great makeup shopping day. I took advantage of the £5 No. 7 Boots voucher and got myself a new foundation brush, loose powder and nail varnish in a very lovely bright pink-red called pink grapefruit. Also because I spent over £22 I got the free gift set which included a pinky gold eyeshadow called antique rose, a nail varnish called milan, a mini extreme length mascara and a liplicious lipgloss in marshmallow. I also got a mini protect and perfect night cream and serum (which I love!!) and blissful body wash. All this was contained in cool silver purse! So all in all, totally amazing and bargainous! I love things like this, gotta love Boots deals eh?

Hope you're all have a lovely weekend and managed to bag yourself so goodies :)


  1. I really need to play with lashes more =)

  2. Oh yessss Boots they rock for sure. I always get excited over their crimbo gift booklet.
    *Cringe* how sad is that!?
    I've never experimented with false lashes, though I've seen some really brilliant ones.
    Hmmm I feel tempted now.

    prettyneons X

  3. I need some sexy false eyelashes and fast! :) ♥

  4. oh, i am ever so sorry i haven't left a comment on here in so long! anyway, i love your make-up look, you have applied it all so beautifully, you look really lovely! ♥




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