Monday, 9 November 2009

Naughty Shoe Shopping and Nail Varnish

First off I thought I'd show you the new nail varnish I bought a few weekends ago...its from No. 7 and called Pink Grapefruit. I've had this post open for a while trying to get the photos up and its finally worked. The joys of weird uni network connections...

Its quite a cool colour, but looks really pink in some lights and really red in others. But I like it :) I've currently got a very red nail varnish on, pillar box red almost from No. 7 but not sure what it called, cos the label has come off! I seem to be going through of bit of nail varnish stage at the moment. Though need to get a good top coat cos they always chip really easily. Not sure if its the nail varnish or me just doing things and it chipping cos of that.

I've also recently bought some new Bronx heels from Dorothy Perkins which were an amazing bargain. They're basically just black courts with an ankle strap, the goes with everything shoe. I'd had my eye on them for a while but they were £90 but then they were reduced to £50 or something and then I had a discount code for 25% off so got them even cheaper. Was a bit of a nightmare with delivery though...I chose standard delivery which is meant to be 3-5 days, ended up taking almost 2 weeks!! Worth the wait though. They are so high, much higher than I'm used to and they've got quite a bit of a platform as well. I wore them out last night and had great fun trying to walk. It was already hard enough to walk anyway cos of the strong winds threatening to blow me over but nearly broke my ankle at one point, thankfully managed to save myself though! Pretty comfortable as well as far as heels go, after a night of dancing they hadn't rubbed or anything, just had achey feet. So very happy. May post a picture at some point.

Anyway, bit of a favour. Got another questionnaire, on craft magazines this time, that I would be so grateful if you filled it in. Click here to take the survey I've been so so busy with uni work lately and this is just part of a whole load of things I've been doing. The best assignment is a series of photography briefs, from taking a portrait shot to doing a romance themed shoot. I've got the romance shoot on friday, can't wait to do it! Should be fun. If my model doesn't mind, I'll post the final images once they've been edited and stuff.

Hope your all ok, I shall catch up very soon!

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  1. Love the nail polish, please post photos of the shoes!!!!!!!!!! x




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