Monday, 29 June 2009

Glastonbury Fashion

Just a few pictures of some of my favourite artists performing at Glastonbury....They all seem to have opted for a sort of glam rock look. Loving the crazy makeup from Lily Allen and Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes too...

Lady Gaga looking futuristic and Lily Allen rocking a purple catsuit

Florence (and the Machine) opting for a gothic floral look

Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) sporting fab makeup

You can check out more photos and videos of the festival if you weren't lucky enough, like me, to be there. Its become such a huge event in the music calender featuring a huge range of artists...amazing! Of course it wasn't just what was being worn on stage that has caught the media's eye..
.some other famous faces were doing festivals the stylish way.

I love Elizabeth Jagger's bright wellies...perfect for when the sun fails to shine! Whilst Peaches Geldof is looking a little more dressed up in a lace top and cute red beret rocking some very cool boots which are perfect for stomping around in. You can see more pictures on the Radio 1 website and also Elle UK for a Glasto Fashion round up :)

Pictures: Radio 1 website and Elle UK

I'm creating a list of links so if anyone would like to be added let me know :)


  1. did you see Bruce Springsteen perform at 11ish? he was amazing!!

  2. Lady Gag always makes the difference!

  3. Bat For Lashes always has such amazing make up! x

  4. I met a person at a BBQ who actually had Lady GaGa hair, like, really. So strange.

    Cute blog, and I love your polyvore sets in the previous post xoxo

  5. Isnt everyones goals to show off how theyre going to suffer through the mud as fashionably possible?

  6. E. Jagger is so adorable.
    ps. love to link up with you. you hav a cute blog.

  7. Lady Gaga looks so damn awesome!!

  8. Peaches is one of my fav icos, although eveybody hates her!!! I love the hat and it's red brushstroke on an otherwise total black outfit!!!

  9. loving lady gaga's outfit and lily allens hair :) and i'd love to have a link on your i'll add your link to my blog now <3

  10. i love festival styles :)
    thanks for sharing!

  11. mmmm i love those wellies too.

  12. Lady Gaga looks amazing! She's so fun to watch fashion-wise... never boring!





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